Project 510 – Venetian & Mirrors

Firstly here is the car after a nice wash with the grille and headlight surrounds put back in place. Sorry about the average pic, I’ll get better ones soon. The car has also been lowered slightly by compressing the springs, but it didn’t turn out how i had hoped, so I’ll just wait till it has coilovers all round before I tackle the ride height again. Might as well do it properly!


Old cars and window venetians go hand in hand. This mod was always going to happen. I bought it off ebay from Getashade


Did you notice the sticker on the rear window? It’s a re-manufactured sticker from the original Datsun dealerships. These are top quality stickers that adhere to the inside of your window, just like the old ones.


If you want one, hit up Martin

Also, my new mirrors came in. They are metal reproduction trear-drop mirrors that came from the XY GT Falcons of the 1970’s.

After carefully marking & drilling the holes I gave them a quick trial fit.




I know they’re not exactly JDM, but I don’t want fender mirrors, and I think these are nice and small and suit the shape of the car. I guess thats why they are used so much on so many different cars from this era.

Until next time…

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