Project 510 – Front Lip & Lowering

In the last update I gave showed a picture of the Datsun’s next mod:


Well it’s a front lip from a Mk1 VW Golf (or Rabbit), also known as a large duckbill. I’ve seen few pictures here and there of older small cars with front lips on them, and have always loved the look. I got the idea to use a Mk1 Golf lip from the Racer86 blog and his KP30 Starlet, and also from Alex and his 180B (610) which will be featured in the future.

So lets fit this thing…

First I found 5 matching nuts and bolts to attach the lip to the front valance.

Then, I carefully marked & drilled the holes, starting from the middle and working my way to the outside of the car. It wasn’t fun drilling into the body, especially since I wasn’t sure if it was going to work or not. Here you can see where I’ve placed the bolts through the holes.

At first it looked as though the shape of the lip compared to the shape of the valance were too different, and the fitment would be way off. However, once the nuts & bolts were slowly tightened a bit at a time, the car and the lip both seemed to pull themselves into place and sit flush with each other.




And at the same time I wound the coilovers down. So here we go, pictures of the full car, lowered with the new lip…







Hope you all like it. It needs better offset wheels now & lower profile tyres, they don’t even look like 15s.

I’d love to hear some comments (both good and bad), so let me know what you all think 🙂

7 thoughts on “Project 510 – Front Lip & Lowering”

  1. Anth, you may have inspired me to get one of these for my own 510. I love the clean look of your car. Keep it up, and keep the build threads coming!

  2. go for it duke! the mk1 lips tend to work on most cars.

    brendan, 8 +0 is a bit too much for the 510 guards, unfortunately they don’t have the same amount of room as the 610s. I might have something with dish in the works, just gotta hope i don’t get outbid!

  3. Always a fan of chin spoilers, It’s done now and it looks good but I think itd look slightly better if it was pointing to the ground a touch more

  4. i know exactly what you mean chris, on the vw’s they sit way more vertical, but the the shape of the datto’s front valance is much different, it doesn’t roll under as much as the golfs. id like to get it pointing down more, might have to customise it in the future

  5. looks great always a fan of these spoilers… youve done a clean job of insatlling it , ive seen some shockers…. Now i just need to find one?

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