Project IV – Clean Up

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the level of boredom you reach while reading this update. Not much really happens, you have been warned!

This update is well overdue, and so was a bath for the Golf! Now that the wheels were on and the suspension lowered down, it was time to clean up all the odds and ends that were bugging me since I bought it.

First on the list was the random goodies on the windscreen, which was my registration sticker, a few roadside-assist stickers, and two (not one, but two!) tollway beeper holders.

My weapon of choice, a brand new razor blade. I have a box of new blades in the garage so I always grab a fresh one when I need to scrape anything off a car. The newer, the better.

To take the tollway beeper holders off, I soften up the glue with a heat-gun and then they just come right off. Would you believe me if I told you that a few years ago when I first bought my S15, someone I knew wanted to use a chisel and a hammer to remove one of these from the windscreen? Crazy, huh! I gave him the same friendly answer that you probably would have.


All clean

The pile of undesirables. I timed this cleanup well, as my registration was due and I had a new sticker to attach to the car in a much better position. I’m pretty OCD with my registration stickers, they have to be in the right spot or I start to breathe heavily.

More random stickers and residue around the car.

Be gone!

I even found an old parking ticket that had partly fallen down behind the dashboard. Can you see it?

There it is. March 2009, sheesh!

I also swapped my front & rear plates around, as the front one was all battered, and the rear one was in better condition but hidden in a covered frame. So by swapping them around, the dodgy one is hidden behind plastic while the straight one is bolted to the front where it can shine like a broadway star.

And finally, after all that exciting activity, it got a bath. It was that dirty I felt like I had to wash it twice. Now all it needs is some nice photos which I hope to get onto one day soon.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you fluff up an uneventful day into a 13 picture update.

6 thoughts on “Project IV – Clean Up”

  1. man nice to see you’re giving the Dub some loving! I wish mine was this nice but I’d rather spend money on SIX-TEN. loving the R32 Aristos 🙂

  2. thanks alex! If I was smart I would spend the money on my datto too, but I just hate driving stock cars around, it’s a curse! 😀

  3. ^^^ hahaha yeah I get what ya mean, I just wished I had some more dough for the Dub, maybe once Tax time comes round I’ll buy some goodies 😉

  4. Nice clean Golf, and good choice of car.
    Nice basic mods and keeps the character of the car.
    I am doing something similar to mine, and have a build thread on the VW Watercooled site – Stan’s epic Golf build.
    I started with a 1.6 and now it’s Audi A3 turbo powered.

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