Project IV – Introduction


Did you guess the mystery project car? Most likely!

Well here it is in full view, my MKIV Golf 2.0 (or 2.Slow as they’re affectionately known). This is my daily driver, and has been for a few months ever since my last daily was totalled in spectacular fashion as I sat idle in a freeway traffic jam. It gets me from A to B in quiet comfort while the Datsun awaits patiently in the garage for its next outing.


So why is it a “project car” all of a sudden considering I’ve owned it for a while? Well, recently the temptation to buy a different car was starting to rear its head. I was browsing the online classifieds daily, looking at Toyota Aristo’s, S14 200sx’s, and even VTiR Civic’s. I was looking purely out of boredom for what I was driving. The Golf is such a great car, but fails to keep my attention, I just don’t like standard cars unless they’re factory built sports models.


So what was the solution? If I was to keep it, I had to modify it! How could I sell a perfectly good Golf without bothering to try to make it even partially resemble the crazy examples I ogle over day after day on vwvortex? It just wouldn’t be fair, all those great ideas would have been a complete waste. Additionally, the car get’s great mileage, is extremely comfortable inside, solidly built, and has 5-door practicality. Ever tried fitting a flat-packed chair and TV cabinet into an S15 Silvia at Ikea? I have! And somehow it all managed to fit, which doesn’t really assist my argument…uhh, anyway…

DSC_0020 DSC_0025-

The plans for the car aren’t anything nearly as outlandish as the MKIV’s we’re all used to seeing around the internet. I want to keep it factory and clean, with a few small touches. Here’s a run-down of what I have in mind.

– Window tint
– Coilovers
– OEM style 18″ wheels
– All-red tail lights
– Designer fabric gear shift boot
– Partial de-badge
– Cut & polish
– Interior steam clean
– Blackened internal headlight surrounds


Those are my main plans. Pretty minor in essence, but they should all come together to make a nice and neat daily with a bit of style. Some of them aren’t really mods, but will improve the overall condition of the car. The tint is essential as our summer is just starting here, and the Australian sun will shine straight through my crystal clear windows.


As you can see, I don’t give it the same amount of attention as the Datsun gets, which is reflected in the cleanliness – or lack thereof – of the car. Once it’s squatting over some nice rims it will be privileged enough to warrant a bath & regular upkeep. Don’t get me wrong, all of my cars get any mechanical issues sorted immediately, regardless of appearance, but only the nice ones get washed!


Keep checking back periodically for updates as the car takes shape. Wheels, coilovers & window tint are first on the list and will be completed before the years end. The rest will trickle slowly to keep me occupied without wasting too much money.

12 thoughts on “Project IV – Introduction”

  1. Well Anth, I love where you’re going with this and how disciplined you are to modify your Golf in a utilitarian way only. What rims are you looking at?

  2. Thanks Jesse, at the moment I’m looking at either MK4 R32 reps (Aristo’s) or 5-spoke Audi RS6 reps. Depends what’s available

  3. You’ve got cob webs too. My bunky Sigma is just riddled with them at the moment, even though it’s getting driven daily while the Sil is off the road. Like where you’re going, but will wait and see how much control is shown in said project…you’re a modder remember 😉

  4. Previously, I didn’t really care for MK4s but recently I have been more and more warming to them. Keen to see what happens with yours. Have you thought about Audi RS8 reps? I know there’s no such thing as an Audi RS8 but that’s all I’ve ever seen those wheels called.

  5. I’m pretty confident that it will only receive the basics, I’m not keen on wasting money on it since I have the Datsun for that.

  6. Isn’t that a 4×100 bolt pattern, or was the mkIV the beginning of the 5×100? If they’re 4×100 I definitely recommend getting your hands on some nice 9″ wide 6ul wheels from 949 Racing. Cheap and light, but only 15″ diameter. If they clear your brakes and fit the lug pattern, I call it a huge win.

    Otherwise, I’ve always been a fan of Diamond Racing custom wheels, another inexpensive but high-quality route to go. They’ll do pretty much any size, offset, and pattern you could possibly want.

    I definitely believe that German cars depend on their wheels to define their class and style. Can’t wait for another update!

  7. Hey anth, I got this same golf but in silver, i wondering if anyone knows where to pickup a R32 kit for this golf???? Im looking at getting 20″ x 7.5 deepdish with black spokes. QLD.

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