1/4 Scale running V8 engine

EDIT: There are a lot of comments and emails asking me about pricing and availability of these engines. I have absolutely no affiliation with them at all, nor do I know how to get one or if they are even able to purchased. If you would like more information, you will have to follow the build thread and contact the owner/builder through the forum. Thank you.

For the last scale build I featured, I mentioned how it stepped things up from the one featured previous to that. We went from a completely plastic and resin model to one with milled aluminium and brass parts. Well here we are again, in the realm of small scale building, and at the risk of sounding repetitive I’m going to tell you that this one steps it up another notch from the last one. Well, “a” notch probably doesn’t sum it up quite adequately, when we’re talking about a complete RUNNING 1/4 scale V8 with fuel injection. Make sure you see the video at the bottom of the post. Simply amazing, and I can’t wait to see the builders next project, a scale V10.

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Thanks to Jake for submitting.

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