Clarion Builds – BMW 2002

A little while back I received an email from a member of the Clarion Builds project about advertising on this very site (more info here if you’re interested). Well their first project car is now complete, and don’t I feel like an idiot for sleeping on this, especially when it was introduced to me at the project’s inception! It’s great to see a big company whose main game isn’t restoration getting in on the subculture we love so much; tearing cars down and building them back up. Corporate-backed promotional vehicles generally used to be based on modern cars with a body kit and wheels (maybe some light engine work too), but lately the act of classic car restoration seems to be in the spotlight, and I’m damn happy to see it.  I recently saw a video on my YouTube feed of Chris Forsberg driving this very car, which made me go back to the channel and realise there’s a heap of videos of the build process that I missed. I tip my hat to Clarion and their Clarion Builds project, and I can’t wait to see how the next car (Honda NSX!!) turns out. Apart from the 16 videos posted below, you can see an image gallery of the project here.

Click here for more video posts. Click here for more BMW builds.

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1975 BMW 2002

Do you guys even read these intros? Probably not! I mean how many times can you hear me say that this is one of my favourite types of builds, that the owner/builder is a craftsman, that the photos are great, etc etc? Well, you’ll have to hear it again, because this is one of those builds. What I really love about this BMW 2002 is that it was originally purchased as a daily driver, so the owner could keep his E46 in good condition, but the ’02 ended up being the main project and the E46 used to haul parts for it! Make sure you check out the custom solution the builder creates for adjusting the dampers in the front struts, it’s on page 25,+ very clever.

Click here for more BMW 2002 builds. Thanks to Archie for submitting.

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F20C-powered BMW 2002

Over the past 3+ years that I’ve been running this site, there’s been a few builds out there that are so popular they get submitted to me by multiple readers, and this thread falls into that category. However, the submissions weren’t even necessary this time, as I have been lucky enough to follow this build since the thread was first created. Kevin, the cars owner, is a one man building machine, doing everything on this little BMW, from fabrication to bodywork, rust repairs to paint, and now the currently-in-progress F20C engine conversion. I’ve personally enjoyed every update of this well-photographed thread, and hope you will keep following it.

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BMW 2002 restoration

I’m noticing more and more BMW 2002’s popping up on forums and blogs lately, and I finally got to see two fine examples in the flesh at the recent Stance|Works Melbourne meet. To say I’m a fan would be an understatement, I love these little things, so maybe the increased exposure is all in my head because I want to see more of them. Regardless, I was fishing through my submissions folder and became disgusted with myself after noticing this build just sitting there, waiting to be featured. This build is just that little bit more special considering it was the owners first car. After being in storage for 10 years, he dusts off the cobwebs and begins a very detailed restoration, bringing it back to better than factory condition. I’m really in awe over just how much work the owner takes on himself, dabbling in just about every aspect of the build, my hat is tipped!

Thanks to Sebastian for the link.

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1959 Ford Thames / BMW 2002

Here’s another build to go with the other chassis-swap projects that have been previously featured. This time it’s a 1959 Ford Thames van being sat on top of a shortened BMW 2002 chassis, built by it’s owner, Mike Pugh. Kindly submitted by Mikael.

So, after featuring a handful of projects like this, it begs the question; what would your ultimate chassis-swap project be?

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