VQ35-powered Mk1 Escort drifter

Hailing from Bristol in the UK, this unorthodox drift car starts out as a Mk1 Ford Escort estate. Soon enough the guts of the car are unceremoniously removed and everything that goes back in is custom built by a very talented owner/builder. The finishing touch is the ex-350Z V6 that finds itself in front of the firewall. The most impressive part about this build (well, the whole damn thing is impressive) is just how fast the progress takes place. With the shell currently in undercoat, I don’t think it will be too long before we see it completed.

Thanks to Alan for submitting. Click here for more drift builds.

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350Z Racing Simulator

You know Chris Forsberg? Nos Energy Drink sponsored Formula D 2009 Champion & Drift Alliance member? Well, what happens when he builds a racing simulator to the same layout specifications as his 350Z drift car? Come and take a look…

Thanks to Cereal for submitting this one.

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