5 cylinder Audi powered Porsche 996

Porsche’s seem to be blowing up the internet lately. Between RWB, Singer, and most recently Magnus Walker, there’s been a constant stream Porkas on every auto blog out there for the past few years now. But hey, this is Build Threads, so you know if you see a Porsche here there’s going to be something different about it. So how about a full tube framed 996 with a 5-cyl ABY Audi powerplant?

Thanks to Linus for submitting.

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Taz goes to Stuttgart

Taz Ali recently ventured to the Porsche Museum in Germany and indulged in the automotive delights on offer. If you remember my previous post featuring Taz’s photography from his visit to Techno Classica Essen 2010, you know to expect nothing but quality. Head to Taz’s blog, or view the full set of images on his Flikr.