This build comes courtesy of Ben, a mechanic with a love for Hondas. It’s not hard to see why he submitted this car, an LS7 powered NSX. The build is a truly multicultural affair, starting with a Japanese car, adding an American engine, transferring the power through a German transmission, stopping the whole thing with Italian brakes , and at the end of your track session it gets raised into the air courtesy of some English air jacks. We can only hope that the owner updates his website so we can see more of this amazing project.

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Cardboard Honda NSX Super GT build

While on my daily blog haunt I was checking out one of my regular reads, The Chronicles, to get my Honda fix. Now most of you have probably seen images from the Tokyo Auto Salon that just passed, and one of the cars getting heaps of attention would have to be the Epson NSX GT car made entirely out of cardboard. If you were to merely scroll down a page full of pics from the show, you won’t even realise that it’s not a real car, it’s so damn realistic.

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EF Civic pictorial

Not all of the builds I like and feature have to be huge feats in fabrication or difficult engine swaps, I like the simple builds too. Especially if it has been documented with quality photography and the end result is just a cool car. There’s something soothing to me about reading a build in which every photo posted is a pleasure to look at.

Come and see this humble EF Civic sedan be transformed from a rough grocery-getter into a slick little cruiser with some crazy wheel fitment.

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BOWLS Scion xB Tuner Challenge

BOWLS LA, the lifestyle boutique and Honda Ruckus/Zoomer specialists hailing from San Marino, California, have been chosen by Scion to participate in the 2009 Tuner Challenge. Competing against two other teams, BOWLS are converting an xB into a 70’s SOCAL styled pickup with a matching Ruckus residing in the tray. All three projects are going to be unveiled at the upcoming ’09 SEMA show, with the winners taking home a tasty $10,000. Anyone wanna front me a plane ticket and accommodation for some exclusive Build Threads coverage? Haha, didn’t think so.

Check out the slick rending BOWLS have released, along with their equally impressive video showcasing the start of the fabrication work. To read the Tuner Challenge press-release from Scion, click here.


Good luck guys!

Blade Rod – CBR900 RR

The other day, on my daily blog/forum browsing, I was reading NoriYaro when I noticed Alexi mentioned a bike project that I had read about years ago. That bike was the Blade Rod, a custom 1998 Honda CBR900RR built by Mark Boxer, one of the people behind the new drift & stunt DVD Phat Sliggity.

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Mid-Engine RWD Honda Integra

Is anyone else noticing a bit of a theme where people take front wheel drive cars and convert them to rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, or mid engine rear wheel drive? Some similarly themed Build Threads features that spring to mind are…

Mk2 Golf Mid-Engine RWD

Civette LS1 Powered Civic

VW Polo RWD Rear Engine Drift Car

AWD Twin Engine Honda CRX

As for this feature, I’d like to thank Coolin-AE86from JDM Style Tuning for posting the link in the Integra Picture Thread. Cover image by Patrick Smith/pks prod. Continue reading “Mid-Engine RWD Honda Integra”

Opel Kadett + S2000

I found this build while browsing so a big thanks to those guys first up.

The builder behind this Kadett has taken a similar approach to the Mad Minor project that was previously featured, essentially taking two uni-body cars and combining the body from one with the chassis from the other.

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Prelude Rebuild – The Chronicles

I’ve been reading The Chronicles for a few weeks now, as I like the Honda scene in the US because of the attention to detail in their builds. The Chronicles is written with a hell of a lot of passion and a love for the game that shines through in every post, so when I noticed that Joey will be exclusively featuring a re-build of a Honda Prelude owned by a guy they call Big Mike, I had no hesitations in recommending you guys go over there to check it out.

What I mean by RE-build is that this particular car was already built to an exceptional standard, and now its being torn down and revamped all over again. That’s how they roll…

Head over to The Chronicles to see the tear down and rebuild in detail.

Civette LS1 Powered Civic

Here we have another crazy builder transforming a bland front wheel drive hatchback into a custom rear wheel drive monster. This time its an EK Honda Civic being chopped up to fit an LS1 Chev V8 of all things, crazy to say the least. This is a build that has been doing the internet rounds for a couple of years now, so many of you might have already seen it. Regardless, its definitely worthy of a post.

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Bring the Raucous

The Honda Ruckus scene has absolutely exploded in America over the past few years, and it seems to go hand-in-hand with the late model JDM scene. Often I browse through pictures of US-based car meets and there’s always a Ruckus or two (or ten!) hanging around, sitting nice and low with a fat back tyre extended rearward on a custom frame. Some people may think its crazy to lust after a chopped, lengthened and modded scooter, but I love these things.

Project Raucous takes it to a whole new level, check out the fabrication in this build.

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