A Fabricator’s Project – Audi A4

Let me start out by saying this build is not yet complete, but the quality levels are through the roof, and as usual you can expect updates to be posted when it’s further along. For now, though, I’ll think you’ll be as gobsmacked as I was when I first saw the 3D scanning, CAD work, 3D printed parts, and fabrication already taking place. Rest assured, when it’s complete, this will be one VERY sorted A4. If only all fabricators had project cars, what a world that would be…

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Poke & Stretch Audi A4

This Audi ticks all the boxes on how to build a scene-approved ride in the contemporary car world; low, wide, smooth, and wheels poking out from the guards. Built purposely to be worthy of gracing the front page of a car magazine, the owner has surely meet not only his own expectations but many others along the way. I doubt it will be embraced by Audi purists or those who don’t care for the latest car fashion trends, but it seems to be popping up in picture threads on forums & blogs everywhere, so come behind the scenes and see how it was put together…

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