Garage Condo

I know there hasn’t been many posts lately and I do apologise for that, especially for you guys that check the site every day. If it was up to me I’d do this full time and post up stuff for you guys daily. Believe me when I say I have 3 very impressive builds to show you this month, but you’ll just have to be patient. These builds are some of the best I have been waiting-on to feature, so you won’t be disappointed.

But for now, I’d like to show you something that everybody loves, a garage build. One bit of consistent feedback that I get from readers is that they want to see more garage builds, so here’s one that’ll make your eyes pop.

This isn’t your ordinary garage, nor is it built in your ordinary garage location (next to your house). This particular “car hole” as Moe Syzlack would call it, is built in the AutoMotorplex in Minneapolis. “Whats that?” I hear you say. Well it’s a large estate where gear-heads can build their massive dream garages collectively, creating a community of epic car dwellings. Think of it as a small city where instead of buildings, you have garages. Sound like heaven to you? Yeah, me too!

Just wait ’till you see this example, complete will a second-level chill area. I’ll stop blabbering so you can see for yourself and get the same serious case of green-eye syndrome that I just contracted.

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