1985 Hino housetruck

Time to change gears again, it’s been a while since we’ve had something that isn’t a car/bike/garage to soak our eyeballs in. A little while back, Alex submitted his 1985 Hino truck to me. But this isn’t just any truck. While it might have started out as a regular flat-bed hauler, Alex and his partner spent many a day and night converting it into a bespoke wood cladded home complete with extendable slide-out sections, allowing them to explore the New Zealand landscape in the comfort of their own hand-built multi level mobile home. Make sure you check out the finished images at the bottom of the post, it just looks so damn cosy!

Not extreme enough for you? Click here for another camper van build of the more military persuasion.

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Extreme Camper Build

Every now and then I like to change it up completely on you guys, just to break the chain of the drift/race cars, engine conversions, and uber cool tig welding shots that we all love so much. Whether it be a left-of-field car, a trike, or even something electric powered, a bit of variety keeps things fresh. Well, today I’m really gonna change it up! Jake emailed me a link to this build a while back, and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect when I saw the title, but a quick browse of the first page had me hooked.

An ex-military truck converted into a camper van? Yeah, I think that qualifies as “different”.

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