Steampunk Honda CB350

I remember hearing the word “Steampunk” a while ago, maybe a year or two back, and I had to turn to trusty old Google to see what it was all about. All I found was a bunch of Photoshop’s and renderings featuring lots of brass, chains, cogs, gears, and other vintage industrialist type decorations. I wasn’t sure if this was a real thing or just a fantasy subculture, that was until this very interestingly customised and beautifully photographed Honda CB350 made it’s way into my inbox…

Thanks to Chason for submitting.

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Honda CB350 “The Brat”

Not only does Rex Havoc have an insanely cool name, he also makes up one half of the bike building duo Garage Project Motorcycles. Just yesterday he sent me a link to a bike they call “The Brat”, which was completed a in a few short months at the beginning of the year. An accidental eBay bid saw a standard CB350 fall into their possession, so the only ethical thing to do is strip it down and build it back up to be 1000% cooler than it ever could have dreamed, right? Every time I see a stunning classic-styled bike like this, it fuels the fire inside me that burns for one of these two-wheeled pieces of art. One day…

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