6.1 Hemi Prowler

I still vividly remember excitedly sitting down to read one of my new issues of Street Machine Magazine as a kid, it must have been around 1997. I turned one of the pages to lay eyes on what I thought could only be a wild concept car or a one-off custom creation. But a concept car it was not, this was the full production model of the Plymouth Prowler, a throwback to 30’s open-wheel hot rods, made to modern specifications during Chrysler’s retro design phase. But there was just one thing wrong, it was powered by a V6. A V6!? How on earth could the beancounters have let this atrocity take place, oh the huge manatay! Luckily, this isn’t a new and used car review website, so the car gracing this page isn’t as it came from the factory. Trey did what Plymouth didn’t and made his own Hemi-powered V8 Prowler, the way it should have been all along.

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