NA MX5 overhaul

Dan has already had his garage featured here, so it was only fitting that I follow up with what he actually puts in it. Enter the NA MX5, loved the world over and enjoying a second wind of popularity in the current millennium. Dan gives his turbo terror an appearance overhaul DIY style, and it’s great to see that garage being put to use with all the work being done in-house. It looks like some professional photos were being taken for a magazine feature at the time of the last update, so hopefully the thread get’s updated soon with the results of the shoot.

UPDATE: Photoshoot images have been added, check after the jump to view.

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The Salt Bullet – Bonneville Racer

Here’s another build brought to my attention by the serial submitter, Cereal. It’s something a bit different from the usual road/race car’s that usually get a mention here, this time it’s a Bonneville salt lake racer gracing the page. How would you go about making a salt lake racer? In your own garage of course! The interesting thing about this one is it’s choice of power-plant, a Suzuki GSX-R 750 motorcycle engine.

The build has been ongoing for a few years now and is not quite finished. Don’t let that deter you though, as there is still bucket loads of information on the site.

If you’re a fan of the technical nitty gritty, then make yourself a favourite drink, free up some time, and get ready to read. There are over 100 listed pages on the main website, so make sure you hit the link at the end of the story to check it out.

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Here’s a build thread I’ve been reading for quite a long time, and I’ve got a slight suspicion that a lot of you are going to enjoy it. It’s another build based on the “X-chassis underneath Y-body” formula, and this time the culprits are Mazda MX5 subframes/driveline/shock towers being attached to the body of a Datsun 520 pickup.

When it all comes together after a long and creative build process, Bob takes his DIY hybrid creation to the track and shows up some much more expensive machinery. Here’s a small snippet from one of his race outing results to give you an idea:

Position 3 – 1:08.886 – 1966 Datsun MX520
Position 4 – 1:10.366 – 2003 Corvette Z06

You can’t help but sit back and smile when that happens. Check after the jump to see how this track day sleeper was built…

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