BMW E28 M5

Firstly, please excuse me if the title is wrong, but I’m assuming this is an E28 M5, someone please correct me if it’s not. This build was submitted by Mikael, and I’m not too sure what the country of origin is, but I know it’s far from here! That’s the beauty of this game, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, we can still communicate through a common interest.

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Rusty Road-Trip

About a week ago I made a post titled Rolling Rust, featuring rolling shots of the patina’d StanceWorks E28 BMW and it’s equally cool trailer, rocking a combined 6 BBS wheels. Little did I know that those pictures belonged to a whole series documenting a road-trip from Tennessee to California. You guys will probably see this on Speedhunters (which is where I found it) but I thought it would be nice to do a follow-up post anyway. Props to Jeroen Willemsen for posting it and bringing it to the masses. For his Speedhunters article click here.

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