Ferrari F40 LM Restoration Part 5

We’re pretty much at the business-end of the F40 LM restoration now. The body is buttoned up, fuel is flowing through the lines, and the turbos are spooling. Click below to see it take shape, including a couple of videos and a sneak peek at an EVO Magazine photoshoot. We are now up to date with the actual build thread on Ferrari Chat. At a guess I’d say updates from here on out will be evolution of the car in it’s final state, but I’ll be sure to make another post when the updates add up.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their clicks, comments and support during 2014 and hope you’ll stick around for yet another year of Build Threads 🙂

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Ferrari F40 LM Restoration Part 4

Part 4 of the drool-enducing F40 LM restoration is here, and we are so, so close to seeing it that sweet twin turbo V8 being brought to life. I’m trying to update this thread more regularly than I used to, so hopefully I can get part 5 done in the not too distant future.

Click here for the build index to access all of the posts in the series so far.

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Ferrari F40 LM Restoration Part 3

I really wanted to keep the Ferrari F40 LM Restoration in one large post, however it was proving too large to handle. For this latest update, I’ve decided to create a separate post. I’ve also split the original post into two parts, just to make it easier on everyone’s bandwidth, including mine! You can access the index by clicking here. And so continues the most popular build to grace these pages…

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Ferrari F40 LM Restoration Part 1

Could this be the holy grail? The best car ever featured on For those of you who are keen followers of the Facebook page, you’d be well aware that I’m quite the Ferrari tragic, and that as far as supercars go, I’d have a hard time deciding between an F40 or a Lamborghini Miura (if the opportunity ever happened to arise). I’m that much of a tragic, in fact, that I signed up to Ferrari Chat a long time ago just so I could view images that are restricted to members. This build comes from that very forum, but I’m not about to make you sign up to view it. Instead, I have personally asked the owner of this car, Tim, for his permission to re-post the entire thread on these very pages, and thankfully he said yes. I think this build is so incredible that it should be shared with a greater audience, so I’d like to thank Tim for allowing me to post it here.

This F40 is listed as Chassis No 84326, and was rotting away in a garage for 8 years before Tim snapped it up and sought about having it brought back to better than it’s former glory. This isn’t a made-for-TV hack job, this is a no-expense-spared restoration of one of the greatest supercars of all time. I’m so used to seeing F40’s in their finished guise, carefully polished with gleaming paintwork, but to see one in various states of undress has given me a whole new appreciation for both the shape and the engineering behind it. I hope you enjoy this build as much as I have…

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