Pro Pontiac Pro-Touring Firebird

This build has been sitting in my drafts folder for two years, TWO WHOLE YEARS! I’m always fighting with myself over posting builds before they’re complete, but this one is just too good to sit on, so I figured it was finally time (plus I like posting follow-ups on popular builds as they evolve). This pro-touring Pontiac Firebird resides in Sweden, and is being transformed with great attention to detail and craftsmanship during a love affair spanning 16 years. There’s plenty of fabrication and CAD design to keep you more than entertained, from big suspension components to the smallest detailed bracketry, and the photos are all top notch. Apart from the build thread you can also follow this extremely thorough project on it’s dedicated Facebook page, which you’ll find at the bottom of the post.

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Twin Turbo ’70 Firebird

Well, it’s the silly season, aka SEMA season, so a bunch of huge builds have been wrapped up just in time to make it through the doors of the Las Vegas Convention Centre. One of those builds is this evil looking, black on black, twin turbo, 1970 Pontiac Firebird built by the team at All Speed Performance. I was lucky enough to catch the build thread a couple of weeks ago when the car was in the body shop, so I was excited to check up on it’s progress now that some SEMA coverage is starting to flow, and thankfully it was completed in time. Build thread link after the jump.

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a feel-good story, so here’s one that Ty emailed me about his very own pride and joy.

Ty is in his early 40’s and has been a serving member of the US Air Force for over 25 years. He sent off his first ever car, a 1971 Firebird, for quick paint job but things didn’t go exactly as planned. The ‘Bird ended up in “paint jail” at a panel shop for over 14 weeks, so he enlisted the great guys at Fletcher’s Customs to rescue the car and carry out the remaining work. Like most of us, Ty had a set budget to work within, but Chad Fletcher and his crew knew the car needed to be finished to a much higher standard than the money would allow, especially considering it was going to be returned to someone who has been serving their country. So with that in mind, Chad set about to drum up support from a number of companies and individuals who donated various parts and services, and the car went on to become a full-fledged Pro-Touring masterpiece, concluding with a spot at SEMA and an appearance on the television show PowerBlock .

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