Welcome to the new look Build Threads. Please bookmark this new URL, and if you’re nice enough to have me in your blogroll, please take the time to update the link.

I was planning to work on the appearance of the new blog behind the scenes, and debut it looking all nice and polished once it was ready. But I was running out of time, and I didn’t want to keep putting out new posts on the old one while I worked on this one at the same time. So I’ve modified the old header and thrown it up top, and everything else is pretty much a standard theme. This will all change soon though, as I’m planning on making some small changes to make it more unique.

Therefore, you will all witness the evolution of this new site as it happens, which I think in the end is rather fitting, as this is Build Threads after all, and we all love the journey much more than the destination.

I’ll have a new build thread up for you guys in the next couple of days. Hope you enjoy the new look as it gets hammered, riveted, sanded, painted, and polished into shape.