Daily grind (and weld) – Fluid MotorUnion

Just west of Chicago in Plainfield, Illinois, resides an automotive workshop named Fluid MotorUnion. What sets this shop apart from others isn’t just the diverse range of cars they work on, nor is it the fact they do everything from minor servicing to bespoke fabrication, bodywork, engine conversions and tuning under the one roof. No, what sets them apart is the fact that they have a full-time web guru on the payroll who constantly updates their blog with the daily goings-on of the shop, taking sharp DSLR photos of all their work, including their gorgeous TIG welded exhausts. I don’t know of any other workshop that posts this frequently and in such detail about what they do behind closed (or open) doors. If you do, then let me know.

I’ve been following their frequent and witty-titled updates on Stanceworks for years now, and always like what I see, so I thought I’d share this source of automotive indulgence with you all. In fact, I have previously featured one of their builds, the FMU BMW X5, where I briefly touched on my penchant for these guys. Let me be clear, this is not an advertisement, I just really like what they do and how they do it. Head below to see what I’m talking about.

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Confession: I’ve had a long-running man-crush on Fluid Motor Union ever since I first stumbled across their posts on the StanceWorks forums. Their famous flame-spitting Gallardo image is my Ps3 wallpaper, every day I look forward to their in-depth posts about the latest goings-on at the shop, and I constantly day-dream of sending my Datto over to the land of 1-gallon soda cups for a bespoke one-off FMU exhaust system. Not only do they do some of the cleanest and most impressive fabrication work I’ve seen, but they take the time to document their daily activities on their own blog and various forums, so people like you and me can enjoy gawking at glorious TIG beads from our computer screens all over the world.

Recently the team embarked on giving a damaged BMW X5 a new lease on life, but kept a lot of the progress shrouded in secrecy, until now…

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