Volvo 360 F1 Time-Attack

I’m not sure what to say about this one, I’m pretty gobsmacked! If you like Formula 1, engineering, and…uh…old Volvos, then this one’s for you. What we’re looking at is a Volvo 360 with a turbo AND supercharged power-plant, peppered with an assortment of genuine F1 parts like wings, diffuser, wheels, hubs and wishbone suspension, built by a Mr Peter Schmidt. If you’ve seen Speedhunters latest post, you might have seen the finished product already, but I think the build thread is worth a mention too. I’m sure they’ll do a spotlight on the car soon, so we can see the completed car in detailed hi-res shots. I’ll be sure to update this post with a link once that happens.

Thanks to Jasper for submitting. Click Here for more Scandinavian builds. Click Here for more Volvo builds.

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I’m not really into motor racing. I mean, I love cars, that’s obvious, but racing tends to bore me after a while. I’d much prefer to watch a race car getting built than watch it drive around a track for hours. That being said, there’s something about vintage and retro race cars (and bikes) that really do it for me, maybe it’s the way they aren’t permanently glued to the track, or the fact that they look 1000x cooler than anything available today. So what if I told you that you could by a late ’60s styled F1 car, built brand new, to race for yourself in all it’s wingless, rear-engined and fat-tyred glory? Well, you can. It’s called the F1-67, read on to find out more…

Thanks to Geoff for submitting.

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