Bagged 52 Chev

Like I said on the Facebook page the other day, it’s a bout time for some American muscle to grace the front page! During my frequent browsing of one of my favourite hod rod and custom resources, the H.A.M.B., I found a great build of a 1952 Chev. This mid-century 2-door sits lower than a [insert something low here] on a custom frame with airbags. The thread is full of enough bare -metal fabrication of both frame and body to wet your never ending appetite for automotive construction.

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Kaiser Drag’n Build – COMPLETE

Back in March 2010 I participated in my first run of guest-posts for Build Month on Speedhunters. One of the cars I chose to highlight was a 1951 Kaiser Manhattan dropped over an aired-out ’95 Caprice chassis. You can read the original post here. Earlier this year I did a follow-up post, showcasing some updates on the now blue sled, click here to read. Well, the final chapter of the build is finally here, the Kaiser is complete and it looks fantastic. Check out a few new images below and re-aquaint yourself with the build thread, it’s 54 pages long and full of quality. Thanks to Geoff for the heads up.

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Kaiser Drag’n Build

I’m guessing most of you already read Speedhunters, but in case you haven’t checked it lately, I’m going to be doing some guest blogs this month since March is “Builds/Previews Month”. Firstly I’d like to thank Rod Chong for giving me the opportunity, it’s most appreciated and I can’t express my gratitude enough.

I’m going to post up the builds here too, so here’s the first one that just got published in the last 24hrs or so. You can see the story on Speedhunters by clicking here.

The first build I want to show you is known as the “Kaiser Drag’n build”. It’s a 1951 Kaiser Manhattan owned and built by Keith who resides in Tempe, Arizona.

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1928 Aussie Built Rod

Hot rod builds always amaze me, especially the more traditional ones. It’s not like they’re taking a complete car, stripping it down, and then rebuilding it. A lot of the time they start off with something as minor as a few body panels or even just a grille shell or firewall and somehow manage to build a complete car from such minor pieces. To watch someone create a car from practically scratch is nothing short of amazing.

This is another gem from the H.A.M.B, a bits-and-pieces Model A hotrod built at home here in Australia.

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