KP60 Starlet

I think I’ve just stumbled across what is potentially the best idea ever in regards to car forums and build threads. is a New Zealand-based oldschool car forum, and while it’s full of awesome cars and a thriving motorised bicycle racing series, I’d have to say the defining feature for me is that their build threads are strictly author-only content, with a duplicate thread located in a different section for any discussion with other members. That means no more sifting through 10s or 100s of pages of chatter when all you want to see is pics and info about the build, genius!

The build in question is a KP60 Toyota Starlet, evolving over time in the garage with plenty of home made fabrication that has me both a little bit jealous and all warm and fuzzy at the same time. Thanks to Zac for submitting.

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KP61 Starlet

KP61’s are a confused little car for all the right reasons. When you first lay eyes on the late 70’s/early 80’s boxy hatchback styling, you instantly assume they’re powered by the front wheels like other cars of similar appearance. But in something that can only be described as a miracle, the old school players at Toyota decided to wait until the next generation to switch to the efficient FWD format, which allowed the 60-Series Starlets to remain RWD.

Rear wheel drive hatchback? Yes please! This Irish example comes from the Driftworks forums, and has been tastefully modified and kept true to its Japanese heritage.

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