Mercedes V8 Unimog

Anyone else wondering what a Unimog is? If you are, like I was, I’ll do the Wiki-ing for you…

The name Unimog is pronounced [ˈuːnɪmÉ”k] in German and is an acronym for the GermanUNIversal-MOtor-Gerät”, Gerät being the German word for machine or device.

The more you know, hey? This Mercedes Unimog (we can pretend we knew what that meant all along now) was bought sight unseen, with what turned out to be a blown motor. The owner sees to break it down from it’s ex-military looking guise, throw an assortment of parts and fabrication at it (over the course of 2 rebuilds), and ends up with a mud-ready 347ci Ford V8-powered off road assault vehicle, perfect climbing steep trails, dashing through the now snow, or being covered in sweet, glorious, dirty mud. All this while seating 5 people in open-air (somewhat) comfort.

Thanks to Chris for submitting. Click here for more off road builds.

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Mercedes Bent 600/190SL

A lot of attention at SEMA seems to be directed at this very interesting SL Merc, and rightly so. A modern SL600 mated with an oldschool 190SL, meticulously grafted together by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff. A quick Google search of their business name brought me to their website, and like most of the top builders in the US, they have dedicated galleries for each of their projects, so head on down to the bottom of the post to find the link.

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Mercedes W124 500E

I was getting a few hits from Datsun Nissan Sports Cars of Finland Forums, so as usual I followed the link and found myself in a thread on their forum. This happens all the time, so I try to make a point of seeing if I can find anything to feature while I’m there. Luckily, there was another link in the same thread to the project you’re about to see here.

This build is spearheaded by Stefan who’s piecing together a super-touring styled Mercedes W124 500E, complete with a carbon fiber wide-body and plenty of CAD-drawn/CNC machined parts.

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CLK63 Black Series

Heres’s something exotic for a change. The Mercedes CLK 63 Black Series was based on the F1 Safety Car, it’s powered by an AMG 6.3-litre V8 pushing out 373 kw. For most people that would be more than enough, but stock cars are boring and we are modifiers so we have to mess with everything, and even a top of the range Merc can’t escape.

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