Lifted MKV Golf

I’ve noticed a little bit of backlash whenever I feature a Golf on the site. Not much, but enough to make me second-guess posting the next candidate I come across. I like Golfs, I own one, and if you think they’re too common, modded in the wrong way or even if you don’t like the owners for some reason, I don’t really care. So, here’s another one, but it’s modified in a very different fashion, so it should shake things up a bit, consider it the ‘anti-stance’.

Thanks to Nicolas for submitting.

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VW Golf MKV Track Build

Another one from Justin, this time it’s a Dubai residing MKV being worked over in track-spec fashion, with two paint jobs plus a custom wide-body conversion – gotta love rear diffusers. Not too many ‘build’ pics at the beginning but it’s still a really sweet ride with plenty of nice photography. Credit to for majority of the slick imagery, check out their blog for all the best UAE coverage.

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