Model A Coupe

We haven’t had a good ol’ hot rod on the site for a little while, so here’s one that’s been patiently waiting in my archives. A classic looking Model A, low to the ground, in a gorgeous combination of blue and gold, stunning in it’s simplicity. Notice the distinct lack of rust, skulls, or goofy body proportions. This is my kind of rod.

Thanks to Chris for submitting.

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’31 Ford Model A

It’s been a while since the last hot rod build, so I think it’s time we sink our teeth into some vintage American iron. I can’t help but be extremely jealous when I see such talented folk create a car with their bare hands from such a depleted starting point. Scooter, the talented fabricator behind the build, certainly knows how to piece together a good ‘rod and document with very nice photography. Make sure you keep your eye out for some text links posted on the first page of the thread, which will take you to some other (earlier) threads of the build process.

Thanks to Pingar for the submission.

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1928 Aussie Built Rod

Hot rod builds always amaze me, especially the more traditional ones. It’s not like they’re taking a complete car, stripping it down, and then rebuilding it. A lot of the time they start off with something as minor as a few body panels or even just a grille shell or firewall and somehow manage to build a complete car from such minor pieces. To watch someone create a car from practically scratch is nothing short of amazing.

This is another gem from the H.A.M.B, a bits-and-pieces Model A hotrod built at home here in Australia.

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