Opel Corsa AWD

The humble little Opel Corsa (or Holden Barina in my country) was designed to be used as an affordable and efficient means of transport, nothing more, nothing less. But that doesn’t mean you can’t tear it apart and fit a turbo-charged AWD drivetrain from it’s bigger brother, the Calibra, which is exactly what this Swedish builder did…

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Opel Kadett B Kiemen Coupe

First of all I have to say thanks to David from Belgium for submitting this build and taking the time to explain it to me. He tells me that this coupe was actually pieced together from two different cars, the front end is from a 1900cc model, while the rear end comes from a rare “Kiemen” coupe.

If you’re scared of rust, look away now, but if you love a good DIY rust-repair job, keep reading…

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Opel Kadett C

So I got a very excited email from James at Car Throttle telling me about an amazing build he’d just read up on. He was so excited in fact, that he forgot to include the link in his email!

This is the build he was telling me about. A ’78 Kadett with a turbo setup, E30 BMW IRS rear end, custom fibreglass front clip, and a whole bunch of DIY mods done at home on a student budget with a $100 welder. A true home-build, complete with a work related injury.

You’ll find the link at the bottom of the post…unless I forget, haha. Thanks again James.

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Opel Kadett + S2000

I found this build while browsing Oldschool.co.nz so a big thanks to those guys first up.

The builder behind this Kadett has taken a similar approach to the Mad Minor project that was previously featured, essentially taking two uni-body cars and combining the body from one with the chassis from the other.

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