VW Beetle / Porsche Boxster

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since the last chassis swap build was featured, especially considering it’s one of the most popular and impressive forms of construction. This latest one takes a couple of specimens from the Porsche/VW bloodline and meshes them together, creating a Boxster S chassis and driveline hidden beneath an aircooled Beetle body.

Thanks to Matt from roadster life for submitting
(via Motoring Con Brio via Ralf Becker)

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Porsche 356 back from the brink

Not many people can lay claim to bringing a car back from certain death. Yes, there’s plenty of skilled guys and girls out there who have saved cars that might have otherwise been shipped off to a wrecking yard if no one else claimed them, but what about an old rusted and twisted shell that wouldn’t even be used as parts by most? That’s how I’d describe this depleted and distorted 356 Porsche which had been sitting idle for 30 years, I just can’t fathom how anyone would look at it and think to themselves “Yeah, I can work with this”. But that’s exactly what the guys at Kustom Coach Werks did by beating, heating, and caressing this 356 back to life. You’ve seen the preview image, now come and see what becomes of it…

Thanks to Alex for submitting.
(and someone else who submitted it a long time ago but I accidentally deleted their email, oops!)

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Official Porsche Restoration Update

Towards the end of last year I made a post about the restoration of a 911 being undertaken by Porsche Classic. Since then, there has been plenty of progress and many updates to their website, with the body now being past the primer stage and into the body shop awaiting it’s coat of colour, it won’t be long until the refurbished engine makes it’s way back into this restored classic and the finishing stages can commence. See below for some of Porsche’s stunning photo-documentation of the process.

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’72 Martini Porsche RSR recreation

Continuing the trend of international readers submitting builds, Arlo from Belgium brought this amazing car to my attention. A very dedicated British enthusiast named Mike flew all the way over to Arizona in the US to purchase a ’72 911 RSR replica. As if that long-distance acquisition wasn’t impressive enough, once it was transported it back to the UK it was promptly torn down and received an intense restoration, with attention paid to the utmost detail. The actual car that this Porsche is based on is the 107 Martini Targa Florio car, and Mike intends to take his recreation over to Sicily once it’s complete to participate in a re-run of the event. This pleases me.

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Best. Roadtrip…Ever?

I’ve been keeping my eye on a particular build over at Piston Heads, and it was during one of my visits there that I decided to browse around and see what else I could find. My efforts payed off as soon as I came across this unbelievable road trip thread that instantly had me green with envy.

Umair, the proud owner of an NA MX5, partakes in what is known as the Petrolhead Nirvana Alpine Tour. It’s what a car enthusiasts dreams are made of; thrashing your own car day after day for more than a week on the best roads that Europe has to offer. Umair proves that you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy a trip like this, putting his humble roadster up against much more expensive machinery and taking away maximum satisfaction from the experience.

These images have to be seen to be believed, each one is like a postcard from automotive heaven. I urge you to follow the link to the full thread after the jump, there are even some video links scattered throughout it. My hat is well and truly tipped.

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Official Porsche Restoration

Build threads are posted up online by a wide range of enthusiasts, from the one-man DIY battler in a dimly lit garage, to the big-budget workshops with corporate sponsorship offers flying at them, and everything in between. Well now there’s a new kind of build thread author to add to the equation, an actual car manufacturer. It looks like Porsche is jumping on the build thread bandwagon with a full restoration of a 1973 911 to be thoroughly documented on their website. Read the post at Jalopnik to find more info and a link to the build thread.

Taz goes to Stuttgart

Taz Ali recently ventured to the Porsche Museum in Germany and indulged in the automotive delights on offer. If you remember my previous post featuring Taz’s photography from his visit to Techno Classica Essen 2010, you know to expect nothing but quality. Head to Taz’s blog, or view the full set of images on his Flikr.

1972 Porsche 911

Did you like the classic 911 sitting pretty in the last garage post I made about a month ago? If you did, then you’ll be pleased to know it gets tracked regularly and has a build thread of it’s own. A tonne of hard work took place to make it the gorgeous wide-body RSR clone that it is today, so be sure to check out the link at the bottom of the post for the full run-down.

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My favourite garage

Time to get into another garage post. This garage caught my eye over a year ago when I was browsing The Garage Journal looking for big and expensive garages to feature. Instead, I found this gem, a garage that I would love to call my own and can realistically aspire to. Sure, it’s great to fantasize about the multi-million dollar dwellings that we’ve all seen online and imagine ourselves filling them with many exotica, but unfortunately for most of us, it is just that, a fantasy. The other characteristic I dislike about the ‘mega garages’ is that they appear clinical, sterile, and they lack a real ‘working’ vibe.

From the moment I first saw Jack’s garage it just resonated with me and the images were instantly burnt into my memory. The nostalgic look and feel, the unusual yet perfect choice of colours, the heavy cabinets, thick bench tops, even the vines growing over the outside wall above the door, it just ‘works’ and creates a wonderful garage atmosphere that can’t be achieved from simply ticking boxes in a catalogue. The other great thing about it is that the build was done on a budget, with many second-hand parts being used, combined with a lot of hard work by the owner.

When I get my own place and start looking for inspiration for my own garage, you can bet that the first place I’ll be visiting is Jack’s thread. Keep your eyes peeled for a future feature on the car that calls this garage it’s home. See below for more pictures + a link of the ’12 Guage Garage’ as it is dearly known.

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