Porsche 993 – C2 RSR clone

I get the feeling that Thatcher Shultz is a bit of celebrity in the VW world. I don’t know much about him apart from the fact he built/owned the gorgeous silver/blue MKIII Golf which c0-adorned the cover of the October 09 issue of PerformanceVW (the same issue that featured Build Threads as site of the month). Well he’s back again but this time he’s stepped up in the V.A.G. world to a Porsche 993. Watch this already impressive and desirable machine receive the “Thatcher” treatment.

Submitted by dieselstation.com

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Race Taxi 993 Turbo Kombi

Mental Kombi’s with engine swaps are not a new thing, there seems to be heaps of them on the internet. There must be something about making a brick shaped bus go ridiculously fast that get’s peoples creative juices flowing.

Here’s a neat one from Race Taxi powered by a Porsche 993 biturbo engine, with a carbon fiber roof of course.

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