Pure Vision Anvil Mustang

Late last year, shortly after I posted the heartfelt story of the FreedomBird, a gentleman named Matt contacted me to tell me about his own muscle car project. You see, Matt’s company  Anvil Auto was responsible for the carbon fiber work on the FreedomBird, so when the attention was turned to his own build, you knew it was going to be slathered with that glorious woven composite material. As you can see from the preview image, when it comes to styling this ‘stang takes a slightly different path from the norm by tweaking the Pro-Touring blueprint and borrowing cues from race cars of a bygone era, albeit with a modern twist. Enlisting the expertise of master car builder Steve Strope to orchestrate it’s transformation from render to finished product, the completed car screams American Muscle with whispers of classic European and Japanese influences. I’m a big fan, especially of those retro-inspired and drool-worthy wheels, not to mention the trick inboard suspension both front and rear.

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