Audi S1 V8 TT

Does anyone build normal retro Audi’s? Or are they all completely bonkers? For a car company that emits a rather subdued tone, churning out understated luxury cars with a few sports models in between, their fan-base sure do like to turn up the wick on their own 4-ringed vehicles. This S1 comes courtesy of Dave at EPS Motorsport, an Australian living in the UK, who saw fit to put his Quattro atop a a space frame chassis, with early Formula 1 control arms, composite body panels, and a twin turbo V8 thrown in for good measure.

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Upstairs Audi Quattro

When you start off your build thread with a picture of a stonking great big turbo, you’re sure to grab peoples attention. The sizable huffer in question belongs to an Audi Quattro that started it’s life as a long-wheelbase model before being stripped to a bare shell, shortened, and built back up into a full-house race car. What’s with the title of the post? Well this project started out on the second floor of a garage, using a large trap door to raise/lower the car, hit the pics below to see for yourself.

Thanks to King for submitting.

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Saab 99 Quattro

Sorry guys, I know I’ve been down on content lately, it’s a crazy time of year. But don’t worry, I’ve still got heaps of tasty builds lined up, so keep the faith!

James, the editor of Car Throttle & owner of Saab Snaab emailed me this crazy Saab 99 build and told me a little bit about it. It’s received an updated version of its original B202T engine from a later model Saab 900, which has been rotated 180 degrees to enable it to mate to an Audi Quattro AWD drivetrain from a C4 generation Audi 100…those crazy Swedes! You can check out James’ article on the car here.

Just as I was writing the above paragraph I was checking out Speedhunters when I saw this article detailing Saab’s demise, what a sad coincidence.

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