1953 Business Coupe

Back in November I made a post on the Facebook page noting the abundance of European and Japanese rides on the front page. I asked you if you wanted to see some American iron, and the response was overwhelming, so I featured the Bagged 52 Chev. But you were duped! The picture of the car I posted when I asked the question wasn’t actually the 52 that I ended up featuring, it was this gorgeous airbagged and chopped 1953 Business Coupe. So put some time aside, make yourself comfortable, and get ready for an extremely cool car with some top notch DIY metal work.

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Rusty – a complete narrative

You’ve seen it before, you’ve heard the love, you’ve no doubt heard the hate, and you probably aren’t sitting on the fence when it comes to your own opinion on this ride. I’m not here to sway you either way, but the owner/builder/evil mastermind behind this infamous and ever-evolving 5-series has just put together a beautifully photographed build thread showcasing its entire colourful past from the very beggining, including the 1JZ swap and recent roof chop, and it’s my job to bring it to your attention. Link after the jump.

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