BOWLS Tuner Challenge Update

Just before SEMA I posted here about the BOWLS Scion pickup being built for the Tuner Challenge. Well here it is in full effect with a second video showcasing more of the build. This is one smooth truck, perfectly executed, nice job BOWLS!

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BOWLS Scion xB Tuner Challenge

BOWLS LA, the lifestyle boutique and Honda Ruckus/Zoomer specialists hailing from San Marino, California, have been chosen by Scion to participate in the 2009 Tuner Challenge. Competing against two other teams, BOWLS are converting an xB into a 70’s SOCAL styled pickup with a matching Ruckus residing in the tray. All three projects are going to be unveiled at the upcoming ’09 SEMA show, with the winners taking home a tasty $10,000. Anyone wanna front me a plane ticket and accommodation for some exclusive Build Threads coverage? Haha, didn’t think so.

Check out the slick rending BOWLS have released, along with their equally impressive video showcasing the start of the fabrication work. To read the Tuner Challenge press-release from Scion, click here.


Good luck guys!

Bring the Raucous

The Honda Ruckus scene has absolutely exploded in America over the past few years, and it seems to go hand-in-hand with the late model JDM scene. Often I browse through pictures of US-based car meets and there’s always a Ruckus or two (or ten!) hanging around, sitting nice and low with a fat back tyre extended rearward on a custom frame. Some people may think its crazy to lust after a chopped, lengthened and modded scooter, but I love these things.

Project Raucous takes it to a whole new level, check out the fabrication in this build.

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