’69 Karmann Ghia, powered by Subaru.

This feature has been a long time coming, and to be honest I’m not sure why I didn’t do it sooner. You see, Mike is one of the few people that liked to share updates of his build on the Build Threads Facebook page, and every time he’d post an image, readers would love it. Just last week I posted an image of his, and again, people flocked to it in droves, so I thought it was time to share it with the whole audience on the website. Mike is obviously great at taking photos, and the fact that he is stuffing a Subaru engine into a naturally patina’d Karmann Ghia doesn’t hurt. If you have your own build thread, then you know the struggle of wanting to get your work done versus picking up your camera and documenting your steps. Sometimes – and I’m guilty of this too – you just forget about taking photos to git-er-done, but not Mike, he’s turned his thread into a virtual gallery of awesome images filled with playful use of light and shadows.

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Opel Kadett B Kiemen Coupe

First of all I have to say thanks to David from Belgium for submitting this build and taking the time to explain it to me. He tells me that this coupe was actually pieced together from two different cars, the front end is from a 1900cc model, while the rear end comes from a rare “Kiemen” coupe.

If you’re scared of rust, look away now, but if you love a good DIY rust-repair job, keep reading…

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Rusty – a complete narrative

You’ve seen it before, you’ve heard the love, you’ve no doubt heard the hate, and you probably aren’t sitting on the fence when it comes to your own opinion on this ride. I’m not here to sway you either way, but the owner/builder/evil mastermind behind this infamous and ever-evolving 5-series has just put together a beautifully photographed build thread showcasing its entire colourful past from the very beggining, including the 1JZ swap and recent roof chop, and it’s my job to bring it to your attention. Link after the jump.

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Rusty Road-Trip

About a week ago I made a post titled Rolling Rust, featuring rolling shots of the patina’d StanceWorks E28 BMW and it’s equally cool trailer, rocking a combined 6 BBS wheels. Little did I know that those pictures belonged to a whole series documenting a road-trip from Tennessee to California. You guys will probably see this on Speedhunters (which is where I found it) but I thought it would be nice to do a follow-up post anyway. Props to Jeroen Willemsen for posting it and bringing it to the masses. For his Speedhunters article click here.

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