1932 Ruxton Restoration

It looks like we have a few firsts, here. This just might be the oldest car to ever feature on Build-Threads.com, and most definitely the first Ruxton! In fact, I’d never heard of the manufacturer until I stumbled across this thread, so I did a quick Wiki to get up to speed. The fact that stood out to me the most is that these cars were actually front wheel drive, and apparently the first ever US-built car to drive the front wheels. What started out as a 10hr job to get the car running (after being parked in 2006) evolved into a full frame-off restoration, which ends up with the car making an appearance at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This is a nice change from the usual 1960s-onwards stuff that I feature, so take the time to enjoy the wonderful details of Pre-War engineering, and make sure you drink in that marvelous step-gradient paint job.

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