I thought I’d better have something interesting for you guys to kick off the new year, so let’s get the ball rolling. It’s another one of those builds that I’ve had my eye on for a while, but it wasn’t until it was emailed to me by Grant that it powered itself back into my line of sight. What we’re looking at here is a 2nd gen Honda CRX with an S2000-sourced F20C stuffed in the engine bay with a turbo hanging off the side, to be powering the rear wheels in the not too distant future.

Not enough RWD-converted Honda action for you? Then check out the mid-engined RWD DC2 Integra, and the AWD twin-engined Del Sol.

Or, if F20C’s are more your thing, there’s the TA22 Celica, ’66 Sunbeam Minx, and Opel Kadett, all powered by Hondas 92.1kw per liter engine.

UPDATE SEP-2014: This car is now complete! I’m not sure if the build thread has been updated, but MotoIQ have done a 9-page spotlight on this very car. To check it out, click here.

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Mid-engine RWD MKII Volkswagen, sounds familiar, doesn’t it? That’s because a very similar project was featured here over a year ago [click here]. While this one definitely shares some similarities, one point of difference is that it’s a Jetta, not a Golf. You have to give these guys props for ripping out entire floor-pans and changing the drive layout of a car in their garage. I’ve also got my eye on a MKI Golf being converted to V8 RWD, so keep your eye out for that one. The VW scene sure knows how to keep bringing the goods.

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Mid-Engine RWD Honda Integra

Is anyone else noticing a bit of a theme where people take front wheel drive cars and convert them to rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, or mid engine rear wheel drive? Some similarly themed Build Threads features that spring to mind are…

Mk2 Golf Mid-Engine RWD

Civette LS1 Powered Civic

VW Polo RWD Rear Engine Drift Car

AWD Twin Engine Honda CRX

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Civette LS1 Powered Civic

Here we have another crazy builder transforming a bland front wheel drive hatchback into a custom rear wheel drive monster. This time its an EK Honda Civic being chopped up to fit an LS1 Chev V8 of all things, crazy to say the least. This is a build that has been doing the internet rounds for a couple of years now, so many of you might have already seen it. Regardless, its definitely worthy of a post.

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