Spirit of Sunshine

Seeing as Anzac Day is fast approaching, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to feature a very unique build I’ve had sitting in my submissions for a while now. Not your typical hatch/coupe/sedan, this is an Aussie-built land speed record chaser, using the tank from a 1953 Canberra Bomber as it’s body (aka belly tanker), powered by a Buick 3.8ltr V6 from a Holden Commodore and built by a couple of guys in a garage in my home state.

Thanks to Geoff for submitting. If you stick around long enough through the 160+ page thread, you’ll be rewarded with a second, smaller belly tanker build that the guys decide to tackle.

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Leroy Thompson Salt Flat Racer

Thanks to Oli from Supermade (one of the OG buddies of Build Threads) for posting up this sweet bike on his blog the other day. Once I saw it, I jumped straight on my email to ask him if he had any more info about it. This would have to be one of the best bikes I’ve ever seen, according to my own personal taste of course. I’m not a fan of glitzy choppers with stretched out frames that make you look like you need to lie flat on your face to ride them.

Built by Leroy Thompson Choppers for the 2009 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, I was disappointed to hear that it only achieved 24th place. Never mind though, it doesn’t dampen the fact that it’s a revelation to me in regards to style and appearance. It makes me want to build a car using a similar approach. So many ideas, not enough time or money. You can read more about it on the AMD blog by clicking here.

This bike is pure quality, it’s modern yet oldschool at the same time, and I love all of the details, like the tall Halibrand style wheels, the lack of a steamroller rear tyre, how the bright red frame contrasts against the neutral colours of the rest of the bike, the yellow spark leads, the stickers on the stubby rear fender, and the overall stance of the bike…did I mention I like this bike? I have to thank Oli again, not only for posting the pic in the first place, but for going out of his way to find more information on the bike when I asked him about it. Make sure you check out his blog, it’s full of no-nonsense automotive goodness, especially if you’re a VW fan, do it!

Click here for more pics of this beast (no build pics unfortunately).