Spirit of Sunshine

Seeing as Anzac Day is fast approaching, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to feature a very unique build I’ve had sitting in my submissions for a while now. Not your typical hatch/coupe/sedan, this is an Aussie-built land speed record chaser, using the tank from a 1953 Canberra Bomber as it’s body (aka belly tanker), powered by a Buick 3.8ltr V6 from a Holden Commodore and built by a couple of guys in a garage in my home state.

Thanks to Geoff for submitting. If you stick around long enough through the 160+ page thread, you’ll be rewarded with a second, smaller belly tanker build that the guys decide to tackle.

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The Salt Bullet – Bonneville Racer

Here’s another build brought to my attention by the serial submitter, Cereal. It’s something a bit different from the usual road/race car’s that usually get a mention here, this time it’s a Bonneville salt lake racer gracing the page. How would you go about making a salt lake racer? In your own garage of course! The interesting thing about this one is it’s choice of power-plant, a Suzuki GSX-R 750 motorcycle engine.

The build has been ongoing for a few years now and is not quite finished. Don’t let that deter you though, as there is still bucket loads of information on the site.

If you’re a fan of the technical nitty gritty, then make yourself a favourite drink, free up some time, and get ready to read. There are over 100 listed pages on the main website, so make sure you hit the link at the end of the story to check it out.

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