Projekte 36

Carbon specialist Andrew emailed me his E36 coupe project not too long ago, an E39 M5 powered show car with race inspired styling. I love the Super-Touring influence of the centre-lock wheels, and the E46 face lift is something I’ve never seen before. There are some tasty parts lined up for this build, hopefully some future updates will show it all coming together.

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Mercedes W124 500E

I was getting a few hits from Datsun Nissan Sports Cars of Finland Forums, so as usual I followed the link and found myself in a thread on their forum. This happens all the time, so I try to make a point of seeing if I can find anything to feature while I’m there. Luckily, there was another link in the same thread to the project you’re about to see here.

This build is spearheaded by Stefan who’s piecing together a super-touring styled Mercedes W124 500E, complete with a carbon fiber wide-body and plenty of CAD-drawn/CNC machined parts.

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