Model A Coupe

We haven’t had a good ol’ hot rod on the site for a little while, so here’s one that’s been patiently waiting in my archives. A classic looking Model A, low to the ground, in a gorgeous combination of blue and gold, stunning in it’s simplicity. Notice the distinct lack of rust, skulls, or goofy body proportions. This is my kind of rod.

Thanks to Chris for submitting.

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Hollish Bros. Coupe Restoration

If you’re a traditional hot rodder there are a few paths you can take to building your own rod. One option is to build a car that captures the style of what you would have seen cruising the streets in the 40s, 50s, and 60s using period-specific parts. Another option, if you want to take things a bit further, is to adopt the more extreme approach by restoring an actual prominent show car or race car to its former glory for a whole new generation to admire and enjoy.

That’s exactly what happened to the Hollish Brothers A Competition Coupe.

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