What I’m Watching: The Fabricator channel

It’s like someone went and made a channel specifically for us! So far the series has videos detailing how to make a time attack roll cage and a tube frame front end, amongst other various fabrication topics. The complete Part 1 instalment of the tube frame front end video looks to be a paid video, but at over 2 hours long and less than a couple of bucks it sure does appear to be great value for money.

Check out the channel HERE.

3 thoughts on “What I’m Watching: The Fabricator channel”

  1. This is great becuse I found this channel two days ago, I think a may feel a little too good about beating you to something for the first time in 5ish years.

  2. Well technically I found it about a week ago, but didn’t post it until now. I’ll let you have this one 😛

  3. Found this about a week ago. Such a good watch, even paid to see the entire tube front chassis build. Well worth it.

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