13BT Rotary Chevy Nova

I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I like to feature a bit of everything here, from big dollar to small budget, high power to electric, cheque-book-built to DIY, fabricated to bolt-on, and so on and so on. If I had to put my money on it, I’d say the most popular builds would have to be a combination of the following elements; DIY, engine swaps, and some fabrication thrown in for good measure. This build features all of those plus some wow factor, a ’74 Chevy Nova with a 13B turbo Mazda rotary powering the wheels, submitted via email by Daniel. If this isn’t enough Chevy Nova action for you, check out another one featured previously on Build Threads by clicking here. On with the show…



View the full build thread at http://www.rx7club.com/showthread.php?t=727207


10 thoughts on “13BT Rotary Chevy Nova”

  1. Fantastic! Makes a welcome change from people sticking V8 boat anchors in other cars…

  2. interesting build but the only thing i can think of is WHY you have all the room in the world for the biggest baddest v8 you could ever want yet you put in a 1.3 turbo that gets the same gas milage as a v8? dont get me wrong i like the rotory but only in a small car somthing that doesnt have alot of room so it allows for big power in a small package but for somthing like this i would have gone v8 its a chevy it needs a v8 that and the rotory idle sound killed it for me i see this car and expect a lumpy cam threw flowmaster not rotory brap brap brap

  3. There is nothing like the sound of a blown big block. But in a sport where u take out your passenger seat to gain a couple of hunderths of a second in a pass to loose 150 to 300 lbs in your motor trans combination goes a long way. Not to mention that this particular car dynode in at 465 rwhp. Not killer but better than average small block numbers giving up half the weight to get it. Possibly a little less torque but with a reliable 11,000 rpm you can more than make up for it in the rear end gears. Then there’s the fact that you can build such a 13b setup for under 10k and when it blowes most of the parts can be reused you may need a new front housing or turbo or apex seals so 500 to 1000 and some time and your back at the lights staging. That blown big block is going to run 15 to 30k and when it blowes a rod out the side you start over.

  4. Hey I’ve got a 77 Chevy nova that I want to do this to. Want to know what’s needed in order for me to bolt down a rotary engine in my engine bay? And what year 13bt rotary did u use and is it just a 2 rotor?

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