Datsun 411 / MX5

We need people like Bob. People with vision, people who have skills and love putting them to good use, people who have the itch to continue creating cool cars, time and time again. You might remember Bob from one of his previous projects that also graced these pages, the MX520. It seems that stuffing Mazda MX5 running gear under Datsun bodies is obviously something Bob loves doing, because he’s back to his old tricks, this time with a Datsun 411 wagon on the receiving end of the grinder.

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5 thoughts on “Datsun 411 / MX5”

  1. Absolutely fine to tear up the Miata – they aren’t exactly rare cars, and with so manyou of them dying due to the body rotting out what better way to save the chassis and running gear with an outrageous swap?

    (And before you ask… I have a Miata)

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