Thai Kombi Restoration

Have you heard the one about the Thai guy who makes his own replacement metal panels for air-cooled VW’s? Well you have now! This build has been doing the rounds for a while, I always see it pop up on forums within various “best builds” style threads, and for good reason. The man with all the skill is Pat, a metal magician from Thailand who works in a very humble shop, bringing classic VW’s back to life, one hand-formed piece of metal at a time. Come and see for yourself how he restores his brothers very rusty 67 split-window Kombi ute, you won’t believe your eyes.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.

12 thoughts on “Thai Kombi Restoration”

  1. Hi do you have a contact for this guy, i’m in Thailand and i need to find somebody for restored my vw. Pleaqse let me know

  2. Hi,

    I am living in Thailand and would like to see this amazing man a
    t work,where exactly is he based? Any contact details would be much appreciated.

  3. can you provide a Adress from this Garage or workplace from this Thai Man Pat. I would like to have a Volks UTE (Crewcap like he did in the Picture)
    regards Walter

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