V8 Volksrod aka Lexibug

Let’s kick off this new blog with a build, shall we? VDubbin submitted this one to me last year, and it’s one of many builds sitting in my drafts waiting for a feature.

VW Beetles have been chopped and changed many times over the years in countless different styles, and there seems to be no sign of this trend slowing down. This one isn’t much of a Beetle any more, with a hand made custom chassis and Lexus V8 sitting up front. The thing I like about this build apart from the fact that it’s home-made, is that there are plenty of clear pictures showing the details of the intricate custom fabrication, including how the body was mounted to the chassis…very interesting and informative. Just wait ’till you see the custom seats!

You can view the full build thread (which is still on-going) at:

15 thoughts on “V8 Volksrod aka Lexibug”

  1. love it, I actually remember someone using this setup on a mk1 golf as well, oddly resembled a severely chopped and sectioned 32′ 2 door sedar. im still a little confused as to the choosing of a lexus v8, why not use an audi v8?

  2. Joe, you’d use a Lexus V8 because they are cheap, common and reliable.
    I really, really like this build, something about the shape of the chopped Beetle works with the long nose. I’ll be keeping my eye on this.

  3. Probably the best design & metalwork I’ve seen yet. The results from shortening it, is WAY KOOL. The words “DAILY DRIVER” keep sounding off in my head….. 🙂

  4. I know this is really old, did the guy ever finish this? I am trying to build one similar. I cannot see the pictures, I am guessing because it is old. Would love to get his frame dimensions. Thank you


  6. Looks fantastic!!
    Have been considering a similar build, would be great if could find out more about frame. Tube size? Maybe even dimension.

  7. As the unique French member of the IKCC, i was wondering if the project has improved since John ?

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