What I’m Watching: Hackaweek TV

Do you dis-like short, fluffy videos that are low on content and high on hype? Sick of slow motion panning shots of ran drizzling over glossy panels? Are you just crying out for highly technical videos that explain every tidbit of mechanical symphony? Well then let me introduce you to Hackaweek TV! While there are many projects going on in the Hackaweek stable – including robotics, carpentry and electronics – what I’m most interested in is the CB750 Cafe Racer build. Most of the videos (18 so far) are somewhere between 15 minutes and half an hour, so you’d be wise to grab a hot or cold drink (depending on where you are in the world) and get comfortable while you peruse the playlists.



Suzuki GT750

A man on a mission, that’s how I’d describe Rassie, the guy behind this latest build. After owning no less than 4 of these bikes over the years, he decides to give it another crack and build his idea of the ultimate GT750. To achieve this he rectifies the handling issues of this older model by bolting on a set of Hayabusa front forks/brakes and a modified Katana swingarm. All of these improvements to the underpinnings are paired with a delectable oldschool exterior. I love the idea of buying a model of car or bike you used to own and then creating the ultimate version that you always wanted, I often have ideas like this about all of my previous cars.

Thanks to Jake for the link. Click here for more bike builds.

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1975 Honda CB400

Classic motorcycles, everyone I know likes them, and wants one. If you read blogs like Pipeburn and Bike Exif, it’s hard not to get caught up in the romance of cafe racers, bobbers, board trackers, flat trackers, and all the other sub-categories that I don’t have enough time to Google. With second-hand retro Japanese bikes available for more than affordable prices, and many online outlets selling the must-have accessories, it seems the perfect time for outsiders to step into this world. But what if your knowledge of bikes isn’t terribly strong? Could you give it a shot anyway? Well, Rick did, and the result certainly has me inspired…

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’65 Harley Ironhead Cafe masterpiece

I can’t beleive it’s been almost 4 months since the last bike build. Well let’s get back on two wheels again, shall we, and take a look at an incredibly detailed cafe racer build based on a 1965 Harley Ironhead. Yep, you heard right, a Harley Davidson built in cafe racer styling, affectionately titled “War Crimes”. Just take one look at those bespoke fabricated motor mounts in the first image below – which took over 40 hrs of work alone to create – and you’ll get a feel for how this build takes shape. Read on…

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