Isolation Hero: Iain Kelly

Not all heroes wear capes, some drink beer.

In this strange situation we all find ourselves in (COVID-19, for anyone reading this in the future), most of us are turning to our digital devices even more than usual, trying to find every last crumb of automotive content to keep us sane and distracted while we’re staying indoors.

In times of desperation, heroes emerge, and one such hero is Iain Kelly. You might know him from his musings in Street Machine Magazine, or the LSX Tuner magazine that he collates, or maybe you’ve seen him swilling beer and swinging spanners on Mighty Car Mods. He has an affinity for big body Pontiacs, loves deep diving into car history, and knows how to string a sentence together.

Iain has used his time in isolation to bring salvation to the car world through the elaborate story telling of automotive folklore, crossing over many genres, decades and personalities. To give you some quick examples, amongst his 30 or so posts, he’s covered land speed record chasers, monster trucks, Japanese touring cars, Le Mans, Pikes Peak, and even some hilariously ugly VW Beetles made to look like Porsche 911s that have spent a bit too long in a microwave.

Iain’s posts show no signs of slowing down, so make sure you head on over to his instagram, read his back catalogue, and keep an eye out for future posts.

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Thank you, Iain! Keep it up mate.

2 thoughts on “Isolation Hero: Iain Kelly”

  1. Thanks for the kind words mate. It blows me away that people like my mind-barf.

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