Lifted MKV Golf

I’ve noticed a little bit of backlash whenever I feature a Golf on the site. Not much, but enough to make me second-guess posting the next candidate I come across. I like Golfs, I own one, and if you think they’re too common, modded in the wrong way or even if you don’t like the owners for some reason, I don’t really care. So, here’s another one, but it’s modified in a very different fashion, so it should shake things up a bit, consider it the ‘anti-stance’.

Thanks to Nicolas for submitting.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


24 thoughts on “Lifted MKV Golf”

  1. First off, I’ve enjoyed every build you’ve featured here. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t listen to the whiners.

    Second, I love this car. Great build. It’s always nice to see someone going against the “norm” and doing a great job pulling it off.

  2. Griz sad:
    First off, I’ve enjoyed every build you’ve featured here. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t listen to the whiners.

    Your totally right, build threads rocks!

    Nice car, quite a transformation but certainly not a bad one.

  3. One of the best builds you’ve featured so far.
    I truly hope we see more people doing things like this and being differant instead of the usual “Slam it on big dished wheels or BBSs”

    Keep up the good work, some awesome builds !

  4. I’m of the “lower is better” brigade – and that is just plain awesome!

  5. That build is solid gold. Absolutely brilliant to see someone moving away from the boring standard Golf trick.

    The level of douchebaggery on that forum is monumental.

  6. love it must have nice grunt for going off road now it must just be 4wd ….busy doing the same with my mk1 4 door but want to maybe use atv raptor rear tire’s and rim set up all round , like mini bubble tire’s…. every one goes low … i’m from south africa ..our roads are not bad ,but,,,speedbumps and curbs potholes you name is …and with hard low ride hight when you get to where your going you need new kidnies and a filling refit …….last bit just a joke …..GOLF DRIVERS LIKE TO GO /’IT’ DIRTY …. 3 CHEERS AND A BIG THUMBS UP…

  7. Its good seeing some south african tuners here, I’d also like to say that I like the originality in this car, its true what they say, ever second VW is low with dishes or BBS rims. All of them are clones no difference

  8. Could this be done to a 2009 VW Jetta. I really want to do something out of the ordinary and this is exactly what I’m talking about.

  9. What are the size of the wheels and can you please tell me how you did the suspension spacers,

  10. Hey if u mind I got the same thing going on and I just want to know how u went about the suspension I have a 2007 vw rabbit and its about that low life right now but I want to lift it getting bord of it want something new

  11. Did you change anything on your diff wrt ratios? I’m considering doing the same on my MK VI 1.6tdi DSG.

  12. I want to have this done to my 07 Rabbit.. I love my car but I want to beable to take it on more off roading adventures.. Otherwise I will have to invest in another vehicle and I don’t really want to.. I want Bunny GC (GoCart) to travel any where I end up going..

  13. What springs/ shocks did you use?I tried a similar build cause I was tired of popping oil pans, However the spacers don’t really buy much and clunk around on bumpy roads.

  14. Hi there

    Can you please share your build details? I am very interested. I have a tdi

  15. i have a mkv r32 with 270k and needs light body work on it so i figured why not lift it a lil and hit a light trail lol , what coils or strut spacers did you use in the build having a hard time finding some parts. thanks for your help!

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