The Bucket Mk1 VW Golf

Chances are if you’re into VW’s, you’ve seen The Bucket numerous times. But for those of you who haven’t, prepare to be entertained by one of the lowest, rudest and most charismatic Rabbits of all time. I’m tempted to call it “rat style” or “hood ride” but I can’t do it the injustice of trying to categorise it, it’s in a league of its own…

Full build thread:

Lots more pics of The Bucket:

7 thoughts on “The Bucket Mk1 VW Golf”

  1. just like to say hello and hope that you can all one day benefit from the wonderful game of golf.

  2. this is easily one of my most favourite cars!!!!! i wish i had the guts to roll like that… too cool.

  3. how the hell do you stay that low without screwing the car over! i was like that but had to raise mine!

  4. durring the 2007 cftc he blew my doors off too. on top of it lookign good its also F ing fast!

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