Dedication… Datsun 610

Many aspects of the car scene are subjective, whether it be the style you choose to modify in, the brand of car you desire, or the purpose you use it for. One thing that can’t be argued about is the bond between a man and his car, and how hard it is to break. Jon drove a Datsun 610 that was the recipient of an unfortunate T-bone accident, but he didn’t give up and chose to re-shell his pride and joy in the driveway, one piece at a time.

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KA powered Datsun 610

It’s no secret I’m a datto man, so I guess it’s no surprise that I will be featuring Datsun content wherever possible. This 610 (also known as 180B in some markets) comes from the Ratsun forums. Aaron bought this particular car in 2006 for $300 in pretty bad shape, and as with most datto heads, only he could see its true potential.

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